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The Types of Crypto Bounty Campaigns


Earlier, I superficially told you about the Bounty campaign and described the sequence of actions for work. It’s time to tell you more about everything. Today we will talk about the types of campaigns. As an example, take the Russian startup steamily.

Here you can see information about how much interest was allocated for this Bounty Campaign. The following is information on the distribution of shares. 40% of the total allocated share is allocated for a signature campaign. 15% for transfers. Activities on Twitter and Facebook were rated in equal shares at 12%. Well, bloggers will receive 20%.

General rules

In every activity, there are always rules that must be perfectly followed, otherwise, you will be banned and nothing will be paid. For example, if the rules indicate the mandatory entry into the Telegram group, then it is better to do this, even if you want to participate only in the Facebook campaign.
And now about the types of campaigns themselves:

Signature campaign

One of the most difficult, but also profitable types of the bounty they all take place on the Bitcoin talk forum. To participate in it you must have a rank not lower than Jr. Member, and if this rank is still quite simple to obtain, then after the introduction of the Merit system, getting a higher rank, and therefore higher payments, has become very problematic.

Well, now we read the conditions:

In the beginning, we can see what coefficient you will get, having one or another rank. These stacks (coefficient) determine the share of your payout.
Next, we read the requirements:
You need to add a signature by copying the code below in accordance with your rank, and then add an avatar and personal text, you can find all this here.
In the end, you need to register in a specially indicated form, and then just track your status in the spreadsheet.

Reports or any kind of spam is not considered a constructive post

Of course, there is equality: 1 account = 1 subscription campaign. So the choice must be taken responsibly.

For complexity, the participants in this Bounty get much more when compared with the same Twitter or Facebook. But not everyone can come up with constructive posts, and even in English.

Social Media Campaigns (Facebook and Twitter)

Due to the ease of execution, they are my favorite, in principle, like many other lovers do nothing.
Here payments depend on the number of your friends in the social network.

We read the requirements:

First, you need to subscribe to Twitter or Facebook (depending on the campaign you have chosen).

Then we register through a special form and can begin to complete the tasks. As a rule, reports are submitted to the campaign branch on the forum, but sometimes it happens that reports must be sent via special forms, or even on the startup site.

This must be clearly known; otherwise, you will not be counted as your work, even if you have done it.

Do not forget that many Twitter campaigns require a link to your Twitter audit, which allows you to exclude accounts with useless bots.

Of the biggest advantages of this type of Bounty, it is worth highlighting that you do not need any specific knowledge or a large amount of time.

Translation Campaign

The name speaks for itself. They also get a lot here, but there is one BUT! In order to manage to book yourself some text for translation, you need to register faster than others, and even hope that it will be you who will be accepted for translation, and not someone else.

There are many languages ​​to choose from, but Google translator will not work here, the translation should be of high quality, so you have to try.

Blog & Media

In this Bounty, you guessed it; you must write any positive article about the project and post it on any site. You can rewrite (if it is not prohibited by the rules), translate or invent yourself.


It’s a pretty cool kind of campaign with good payouts, and besides, they’re rarely visited, so there’s always a free spot.
In this campaign, you need to create your own video about the project and post it + you need to get a certain number of views, and also have the required number of subscribers on the channel.

All videos are evaluated manually, so a lot depends on the mood of the Bounty manager.

YouTube and Telegram

You didn’t think YouTube was already there, but there is a big difference. These types of campaigns are quite rare, and few people know about them.

In this bounty, you just need to subscribe to the YouTube channel and like the video. This is even easier than doing reposts, and a good budget is allocated.

In the Telegram campaign, almost everything is the same, either subscribing to a channel or a post in your group.

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