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Musandam Dibba a Very Beautiful Stunning and Adventurous Place


Musandam Dibba and its charming culture:

Musandam Dibba is a very delightful visiting place and its culture is also very charming and attractive. The customs, traditions and dress codes of the people of Musandam Dibba in Oman are very fine. The people of Musandam Dibba wear very beautiful clothes and they look like imperials in those clothes.

You can see in your Dibba tour that the customs and traditions of Musandam Dibba are still alive in the people of Musandam Dibba and they celebrate all there functions almost in the traditional manner.

Highlights of the Musandam Dibba tour:

Musandam Dibba in Oman is a very beautiful place, you can not visit all the beautiful places of Musandam Dibba in a single tour but can enjoy in a good manner by doing most enjoyable activities in Musandam Dibba like the experience of deep diving in the warm and thin water of Musandam Dibba like to snorkel in the warm and clear climate of Musandam Dibba in a beautiful manner because the environment of Musandam Dibba is very good for snorkeling.

You can do unforgettable trekking in Musandam Dibba, the sunshine in Musandam Dibba is so intense that it is much conducive to take an energetic sunbath and above all, there are many water sports that can be done in Musandam Dibba like windsurfing, etc.

Musandam Dibba; and some adventurous experience:

The mountains and naturally carved caves of Musandam Dibba add a lot of beauty to your Dibba tour. You can enjoy there in an extreme manner. The sandstones of Musandam Dibba are very beautiful and they look like gold in the sharp sunshine. You can enjoy the adventure of hiking in Musandam Dibba because Musandam Dibba is a rocky place also. Swimming and snorkeling in the warm environment of Musandam Dibba are also very popular activities to do.

Musandam Dibba and its water with all its specialties:

Musandam Dibba contains clear, clean and healthy water. The water of Musandam Dibba hosts a lot of beautiful marines. You can find in Dibba tour very beautiful planktons and fishes. Musandam Dibba also hosts a lot of sailfishes, trivially, Bonita and above all Musandam Dibba has a large stock of Dolphins.

Musandam Dibba; traditional Omani Dhow and Dolphins:

Musandam Dibba water is also a lively host of a lot of Dolphins. While cruising in the warm waters of Musandam Dibba while in Oman by the beautiful traditional Omani Dhow you can watch these Dolphins from a short distance the reason is this that these dolphins attract towards the wood made Dhow. The structure of Dhow is so special that attracts the Dolphins and makes you Dibba tour more special and memorable.

Tasty barbecue lunch in Dibba tour:

In the Dibba tour, you are offered almost a complete package. You will be entertained in Dibba tour in a perfect manner in all aspects. The food provided to you on the Dibba tour is also so special. The barbecues of Musandam Dibba Oman are very tasty and spicy that can be realized after taking a hearty lunch in Musandam Dibba in your Dibba tour.

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