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How Much Can I Earn on the Crypto Bounty


As promised, I will tell you about how much you can earn about one campaign in a few months.
As an example, take the Helbiz campaign, one of the most successful in recent times. Its meaning is to use the blockchain when renting your own car. Investors appreciated the idea and invested as much as $ 75 million. At the ICO stage, the price of one token was $ 0.15.

Now let’s see how much the campaign participants earned:


Let us dwell on the first participants who registered first and participated the longest.
In the “TOKENS” section are the numbers we need. Here you can see a thousand and two thousand, there are even participants who received more than 5 thousand coins. Take the average, round for simplicity and calculate – 3000 * 0.15 = $ 450. That is, on average, from the very beginning it was possible to earn $ 450. And these are just tasks consisting of reposts.


This campaign is a little cooler, since there are usually fewer participants here than on Twitter, so the average amount is a bit larger.
By eye, participants received about 4-5 thousand coins on average – from $ 600 to $ 750 at an ICO price. Not bad, huh? But this is not so much.

Subscription campaign

Here the numbers are just kind of wild. From a total of 5 thousand to unimaginable 197 thousand to the maximum, it was possible to earn at face value up to $ 30 thousand Very good for writing posts in English. Or is it not so?


To be honest, I did not think that the subscription campaign could be surpassed in payments, but no, it turns out, it is possible. For translation into one language, you could get more than 100 thousand coins or more than $ 15 thousand at face value.

The user under the name a wall on managed to distinguish himself most of all, who translated the texts into Russian and received a little more than 74 thousand dollars for it at face value (it’s a pity that I didn’t translate :))


For the publication of posts in their groups, you could get up to $ 15 thousand.


Perhaps the freest campaign. For just a subscription to the channel and likes to all the videos, you could get $ 720.

Content Creation

Well, for writing articles you could get an average of more than 3 thousand dollars.

Already dizzy from the numbers? Not everything is as smooth as it might seem at first glance. The reward for participating in the bounty campaign depends on the total number of fees, and start-ups that collect more than $ 50 million can be counted on the fingers. In addition, it is worth remembering that if a startup cannot attract the necessary amount of financing, then you simply won’t get anything.

Do not forget that in the Bounty there is always a certain percentage of scam, which, of course, will also pay nothing to anyone.

In addition, the Bounty is not fast money. The way to get coins is very long: from the very ICO to the calculation of all the work done and access to the exchange. Sometimes, it can take from 3 months or more.

So if you still decide to participate in this, then the first 1-2 months you will have to work solely on your own motivation, trying to fulfill all the requirements. After some time, the first accruals will finally begin to come to you, and you will have a choice: to sell right away or to hold on to all the same?

My advice, do not immediately participate in all types of campaigns, first understand them in more detail, and then decide whether you can fulfill their conditions.

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