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The Bitcoin Talk Rank Boost


We learned how much you can earn on various types of bounties. A special place here is occupied by the subscription campaign, which is one of the most profitable among those available. Your earnings in the subscription Bounty campaign depend on your rank on the Bitcoin talk forum.

The following system exists on this forum:

Brand new


Jr. Member


Full member

Sr. Member

Hero member


Merit system

Previously, to get yourself a higher rank, it was enough to leave regular messages on the forum, but it took a little more time to wait. But more recently, the rules on the forum have changed dramatically. The so-called Merit system was added, in another way, likes. This system almost deprived the chances for beginners to shake their accounts to steep ranks.

But thanks to this, the forum literally opened a second wind, the posts here are now more thoughtful and useful since now any person who owns the merit can pass them to you if he likes your post. Unfortunately, this is extremely rare – no one wants to share their blood money.

Of course, you can try to buy yourself a rank, but according to the information I found on the Internet, an account with the Full Member rank can cost you more than half the airtime (course at the time of writing article 1 ETH = $ 450), and an account with the Sr. rank Member is already worth more than 1 ether.

You can also try to buy the measures themselves, but on the forum itself it is prohibited by the rules right up to the ban and is strictly monitored, and it’s unrealistic to find honest sellers who will not try to circle you around the finger.
But the ranks are needed not only for subscription campaigns. It sometimes happens that even to participate in social campaigns, a rank of at least Jr. is required. Member and this immediately eliminates all newcomers.

Pumping Feature

After registering on the forum, you get the Brand New rank. For the next level, it will be enough to leave anyone’s message.

Now our goal is to become Jr. Member In order to become one, you must leave 30 posts on the forum, while they must be in 3 two-week periods (at least 1 post in each). Thus, you will not be able to get yourself this rank in a day, for this, you need to also wait.

After that, you will have access to any Bounty on social networks and even some subscription campaigns. To obtain the following ranks, the presence of merit is already required. As you understand, getting them is very difficult, but it is possible if you constantly share useful information.

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