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The Asking Permission for Law of Attraction


Sometimes we get caught up in what we want. We see a car or a large house, and through the Law of Attraction, you know that you can manifest these things in your life. The Law of Attraction works on the principle of like attracting like. When you send out positive images into the Universe, then you receive that which you asked for.

Many people begin using the Law of Attraction with wide-eyed wonder. It is like walking into one of the mega marts. You realize that you can actually buy a 10 lb. bag of popcorn. It does not mean that you will buy a 10 lb. bag of popcorn, but it does mean that you have the option.

The megastore of possibilities can be a little overwhelming. You can make a large list of things you want quickly. They are impulse buys, but at the Law of Attraction superstore, you can buy anything you want.

The problem is that with impulse buying (of impulse goal setting), they are just that – impulsive. Not much thought goes into them. It’s large, it is pretty and you want it.

Consider taking a moment before you set a goal impulsively and ask yourself if you truly want or even need the item in your life. Wait to hear what your intuition has to say. Imagine asking your higher self permission to pursue the goal and wait again for the answer.

This is not the creation of negative thought. It is the avoidance of it. If you pick goals that aren’t in alignment with your higher self and life purpose, you will be at odds with yourself. When I see a pair of gorgeous shoes in a store, I have an impulse to buy, buy, buy. I will first walk around the store, or even step outside for a minute. If I still want the item after I have stepped away from it, then I allow myself to have it.

If I don’t go through this process, I may feel guilt and remorse later on. Setting goals with the Law of Attraction is similar. Take time and ask yourself is it really what you want, or are your ultimate goals really different? Check-in with how it feels to you and trust your inner guidance. If it feels good to you, it is your higher self giving you full permission to go with what feels good!

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