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The Mediterranean Decor in the Bedroom


Mediterranean Decor – The look combines a little Mediterranean design. For that look in your room, you need to explore the natural beauty that you can see on the shores of the Mediterranean catch. The weather is always warm and natural. There are several ways to get this look in your room you what you want and still end up with a Mediterranean air to the eye can adapt.

Because the handset Search Spanish Mediterranean,  Greek, Italian, and the overall design of a bit of all three to balance the look. For example, add marble floors and an Italian-style wooden roof. The fabric coated fabrics and wrought iron accessories like candle holders, candlesticks and frames.

The pottery is placed in several parts, as well as stone and ceramics. The bright colors are a part of the Italian Air. Greek decor with white walls and green and blue. You can take this color on the furniture or accessories in the room with these colors. Decorated with Spanish, a wider range of colors are available. This will be a little more freedom.

Place the bed in the middle of the room, if possible. The bed should be with a white scarf and plenty of pillows in different ways. All pillows must be white. Add a rug at the foot of the bed in the blue of the ocean. It will provide your bed just enough color and integrate its Mediterranean style.

The walls should be decorated with a tapestry design. You can do this yourself or you can buy it. Tapestries decor adds just enough color for a wall. When images of the ocean to the wall.

Accessorize with a clay pot with a growth of the green plant ones. Place in the door or around the bed. This will not only add color to your room but also contributes to the view of the Mediterranean in your room.

Windows must be done in the white curtains. Do not worry, they cut off. Just dance in the wind when the windows are open. If you paint, to add the window to get a blue border green or brown in the upper area of the window to keep the curtains. You can divide a special corner in your room to add your mirror or vanity. This gives the wall color and style.

Hanging plants are also part of the decoration. You can hang plants in the corners of the room and in the window. Hang out the candles on the walls and they have around the bed, insert a small glass containers SA in your tables and fill up one-quarter of the sandy road. Then, you can shell bowls.

Complete your look with the belt of the Mediterranean decor in the bedroom. Choose blue or green carpet mats to choose to accentuate the look of your room and comfort offered at this point.

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