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Yoga and Running How to Benefit From the Practice of Both


Thus, it might seem that yoga and running are completely opposite disciplines. And yet if we practice them together, they are an idyllic combination for the body.

Yoga works our physical and mental parts through certain postures that help you learn to follow an exercise routine. It is proven that it helps you eliminate stress and pain, and it is even effective in helping you lose weight, although that is clearly not your main objective.

But it is also thanks to the strength and flexibility that you develop in certain muscles (mainly in the chest, quadrilaterals, hamstrings and hip flexors) yoga is vital for runners, achieving a more effective and healthy race for your body.

And it’s not just about the physical plane; be overcoming new positions on the mat, more and more complicated, is gradually overcoming small personal challenges and gaining “mental resistance “, that so fundamental for runners.

You know I practice running, I’m an asphalt addict. I have already told you more than once about my experience in different races, and every year I prepare to overcome a triathlon in summer. My training so far was limited to the gym and career hours, with a lot of stretching of course. But the truth is that until recently I did not know the benefits of the practice of yoga. And the truth is that the difference shows.

If you are also a runner like me,

Do you want to know how to gradually enter yoga practice successfully?

Organize your training properly

Program the intensity of your yoga classes in an inversely proportional way to the intensity of your running training: if one week you are forcing the race more, be careful, soften with yoga and do not try to do everything on the mat too. You must find balance in both practices.

Be humble

Yoga is a discipline for patients. It can take years to achieve perfection in your postures if you reach it. You may already be an expert runner, but if you are new to the mat, you are new to the mat. Be calm and be very persevering. A piece of advice? Focus on yourself and don’t get distracted by comparing yourself to your neighbor.

Take care

Beware of injuries, if you are used to demanding a lot on a competitive level, you will have developed a high tolerance for injuries and perhaps your natural tendency is to force the machine. Do not overdo it, you have to live yoga and practice changing the chip.

Do you have any doubt? Do you want to share your experience with me? Do not hesitate to write to me, I will answer delightedly.

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