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Think About More Thief Car Lifts


While car lifts are defined as mechanical equipment that generates force by a solid object moving through a fluid being able to lift a wheeled motor vehicle or any other object. There are also hydraulic lifts.

These hydraulic lifts can be found in just about every garage or auto repair shop. These garage or automotive repair shops have at least one hydraulic lift that is recessed into the floor of a service area, and at least one portable car lift that can be utilized in another area of the facility.

The portable car lifts are either two post car lifts or four-post car lifts. Just about all these lifts can be classified as hydraulic lifts, regardless of size and configuration. While these automotive lifts or hydraulic lifts are usually associated with auto repair facilities, there are a number of automotive lifts that are used in manufacturing environments and even around the home, the storage lifts.

Car Lifts can now be used for many different tasks. Along with the automotive lifts that are recessed and permanently in place at the local garage, there are other auto lifts that can be used in many different settings. Some are constructed for periodic use, while others are durable enough to be used on a daily basis.

The in-ground auto lift is the most commonly used of all automotive lifts. These often have the hydraulics below ground level and include two ramps that allow the vehicle to be driven into place and locked. Once in place, the mechanism raises the vehicle to a height that allows the mechanic to comfortable reach sections of the automobile from the underside. Along with use in garages, these types of automotive lifts also are often found in smaller businesses that specialize in oil and filter changes.

Among the portable automobile lifts, the scissor lifts are one of the most popular. Often, these car lifts also require the vehicle to be positioned above the device by driving onto tire guides or ramps. When activated, the mechanism raises the vehicle directly upward using a configuration that resembles a pair of scissors being opened. This type of lift is generally small enough to be stored at home and is ideal for use in quickly rotating tires or draining an oil pan.

Automotive lifts may be constructed in what is known as a two-post or a four-post configuration. Some work on simple hydraulics, while others use various combinations of electronic or mechanical devices to lift the vehicle. There are automotive lifts that are made for just about any size vehicle, from a motorcycle to a large transfer truck.

The standards for automotive lifts built in the United States are set by the Automotive Lift Institute. Formed in 1945, the Institute requires that any members meet a stringent set of safety and quality standards in order to receive certification and endorsement. There are also periodic inspections to ensure that members of the Institute are maintaining those standards on an ongoing basis.

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