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Impact of Temperature on the Accuracy of Truck Weighing Scales


The accuracy of your weighing scales is a crucial factor to keeping your transportation and logistics business profitable. Weighbridges are tools that allow business owners to ensure that their trucks are the correct weight before sending them out onto the road. They ensure your business is compliant with all government regulations surrounding the weight of trucks, and the safety of your drivers.

To make the most out of your weighbridges, they need to be accurate – if your weighing scale isn’t accurate, there is no point in having one.

Various environmental and human factors can impact your weighbridge’s accuracy; some of these are out of your control, while others aren’t. One of those crucial factors is temperature.

A change in temperature impacts the load cells used in the weighing scale, leading to inaccurate results. Most people don’t pay attention to this aspect; however, it should always be taken into consideration.

Metal doesn’t remain the same size at all times; it expands and contracts as the temperature changes. While you might not be able to see these changes on your weighing scale, it can definitely affect the accuracy.

Every problem has a solution, and inaccuracy caused by changes in temperature can also be fixed.  

Install Weighbridges In Area Where The Temperature Is Stable

If you operate your business in an area where the temperature is constantly changing, you need to create an area where the temperature won’t impact the weighbridge. While this might not be possible every time, if you are having a problem identifying the correct place for your weighbridge, your supplier can help you find a way to reduce the impact of temperature changes on your weighbridge.

Buy High-Quality Weighbridge

Choosing a high-quality weighbridge is also an important start. A low-quality weighbridge will not deal well with weather fluctuations, showing inaccurate results even in minor temperature changes. Weighbridges that use the latest technology, have a temperature compensation system, making sure the results are accurate even if the temperature fluctuates under a certain range.

Weighbridge Cleaning

Debris and moisture build-up around the weighbridge can also create problems – whether it’s dirt, ice, snow, or rain; these can cause wear and tear to any weighbridge. Any weighbridge operator should also be sure to clean their weighbridge regularly – weekly would be best.

 Calibration Of Weighbridges

Calibration is an essential aspect of having an accurate weighbridge. It needs to be done every time the weather or the season changes. The location, weather, and placement of the weighbridge should be taken into consideration during calibration. When calibrating your weighbridge, it should be compliant with the necessary government rules and regulations.

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